PassageWeather Custom Weather Services

In response to numerous requests from our users for various services, we have recently started offering these custom weather services:

Weather Routing for Sailing Yachts

We provide detailed weather information, as well as advice and support during the planning and execution of ocean passages:

Our forecasts and reports are sent via e-mail. We can provide plain text reports for yachts with limited communications, detailed routing reports with diagrams and weather charts for yachts with more sophisticated systems, and anything in between.

Race, Regatta and Event Forecasting

We can provide specialist weather forecasting for your event, such as:

You specify the geographic area and we can create custom forecast areas using any or all of our weather variables (wind, waves, surface pressure, visibility, precipitation, cloud cover, sea temperature, etc.).

We supply these forecasts using a format which makes it simple to add to your event website, or we can create a special page on just for your event.

Historical Weather

We are often asked by our website users if we have old weather forecast charts for dates in the past.

In reality the answer is no, we don't. Each day's data amounts to many gigabytes, so because of computer resource limits we overwrite the old ones as the new ones are created.

But we can recreate them for you if needed. We have access to global weather data going back many years, and can produce weather images for any geographical area that you require.

Whether you need this for business or legal reasons, or even for personal reasons, we will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

More Information

For more information, such as pricing and availability, or to discuss your specific weather requirements, please contact us at: